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Premium Soft Wood Pellets from La Crete can Significantly Reduce Home Heating Expense - Attleboro, MA

29 December 2015      

Pellet stove inserts have grown in demand in Massachusetts because they generate heat at a lower cost than traditional heating. Pellet inserts enhance the efficiency of fireplaces in most homes, not to mention the savings homeowner have when using soft wood pellet for heat. Because the emissions from pellet stove inserts are much lower than fossil fuels and the fact that they produce very little creosote, they are often allowed in areas that have conventional wood burning restrictions.

La Crete Premium soft wood pellets that are used as fuel in pellet stove inserts are a form of renewable energy. Heating a home with these soft wood pellets is more than 50% less expensive than heating with fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas, or propane. Additionally, La Crete Premium soft wood pellets have heat values of over 8,800 BTU’s with only 0.3% of ash content which means you can enjoy more heat from every pellet with less waste. This also means that with La Crete wood pellets, you will have to clean your pellet insert less frequently.

Wood pellet heating costs can be significantly reduced by using La Crete Premium soft wood pellets inserts in Attleboro, MA. Additionally, at Fireplace Showcase, there is an early-buy price of $310 per ton which adds an additional savings for the homeowner. When you buy two or more tons, you will get $5 more off per ton.

To find out more about La Crete Premium soft wood pellets and pellet stove inserts, contact The Fireplace Showcase.

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