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Quadra-Fire Wood Fireplace Inserts are Alluring and Comforting in Winter - Providence, RI

5 October 2015      

Voyageur Wood Insert

Upgrade your hearth with a budget-friendly heating solution that is not only beautiful, but is also the highest standard in home heating. Quadra-fire wood fireplace inserts work perfectly in reviving old hearths or outdated fireplaces, transforming them into a home heating system that is both alluring and comforting in winter.

Heating a home does not get any easier than with an exquisitely designed steel and cast iron wood fireplace insert in Providence, RI. Fireplace inserts are installed in your existing fireplace to provide you with safe and sufficient heat that makes your living space more comfortable during the cold season. The charm of wood burning fireplace inserts is unparalleled because along with more efficient heat, they also provide the perfect cozy, crackling real wood fire of a traditional open fireplace.

The efficiency of wood fireplace inserts for heat is remarkable. The heat generated is forced out into your living space rather than being lost up the chimney. You can savor the convenience of a simple yet powerful heating solution which you will need come winter. Quadra-fire wood fireplace inserts are made with a large firebox that is placed directly into your existing fireplace. There is a wide view of the burning flames through the unobstructed glass with gorgeous surround. This roaring carbon-neutral fire can heat a large living area and dramatically reduce your heating bills this winter.

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