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Regular Pellet Stove Cleaning Ensures Optimum Heating Efficiency in Winter - Seekonk, MA

24 August 2015      

Although pellet stoves in Seekonk, MA are the cleanest burning of all solid fuel heating appliances, they still produce burn residue. This is why they need to be cleaned and maintained regularly. This will also help maintain your pellet stove’s heating efficiency.

The ash byproduct, though very fine, can still accumulate in the ash traps and result in partial blockage in the stove if not cleaned thoroughly. When ash is heated to its melting point and allowed to re-solidify, the air intake holes of the burn pot can become clogged. Some parts of the stove, like the air intake can also get partially blocked. In order to prevent this, you can opt for the summer stove cleaning special at the Fireplace Showcase.

Cleaning pellet stoves regularly must be done. This will help prevent problems that can arise through lack of maintenance. It is best to hire an expert for cleaning debris, inspecting for faulty parts, and fixing issues in your pellet stove.

To find out more about summer pellet stove cleaning specials before winter, contact The Fireplace Showcase.

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