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Replace your old wood stove: save money and the environment!

26 April 2019      

A new state program, called the Wood Stove Change-Out Program, could help people with wood stoves save money, improve public health, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and potentially cut down on the number of wood stove fires.

Officials with the MA Clean Energy Center launched their 2019 program on March 20th to help residents swap out dirty, inefficient stoves for newer, cleaner EPA certified models. Steve Pike, executive director of the Clean Energy Center said that "A more efficient stove requires less fuel, and so enables the homeowner to pay less to heat their home. These newer stoves," continued Pike, "burn far more efficiently, so it reduces pollution, particularly with what's called particulate emissions, and those affect folks with heart disease and asthma."

Randy Titsworth, owner of The Fireplace Showcase in Seekonk, says “Newer stove models burn longer and more efficiently reducing the amount of wood consumed and ultimately cutting fuel costs. There are a lot of options available in many prices and sizes, and you can change from wood to pellet if you're thinking of moving to a thermostatically controlled longer burning appliance.”

Nearly fifty percent of the money will be going towards low income residents and rebates can range from anywhere between $500 and $3,250, depending on the emission levels, type of stove purchased and your income level. To qualify for a rebate, a resident must have an operational, non-EPA-certified wood stove.

If you're interested in this program, or for more information, stop by The Fireplace Showcase, 775 Fall River Avenue, Seekonk, MA (508-336-2600), your local participating stove professional Rebate applications will be accepted until August 5, 2019.

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