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Swing Sets: Things to Think About Before Buying One – Providence, RI

30 May 2014      

Dream Swing Set

Swing sets come in several sizes and set-ups, from the most basic model to the most extreme. Below are a few guidelines you should take into account when purchasing or ordering a custom-designed swing set.

Yard Size 

Beyond thinking about your budget, the most important thing to consider when purchasing a swing set is the size of the yard. Photos can give the wrong idea regarding the size of a swing set featured. Even buying a swing set in person can give an unrealistic estimate about the size, especially if the stores’ showroom is spacious. The best thing to do is to measure the size of the yard from boundary to boundary. Also consider the pathways, pools, patios, pits and other common yard features because these can affect the position of your swing set. Also, enough space must be available for swinging once the set is installed.

Ideal Features 

Visit a showroom to see what features the children are drawn to most. Often, what the parents imagine as ideal will not be the features that the kids will find fitting. Taking them to the park can help you and your children decide on which features are ideal. Consider the pros and cons of every type of swing set. Getting a unit that can grow with your children will also be the most convenient choice.

Construction Materials 

The decision-making does not end after choosing the ideal features for swing sets in Rhode Island. Construction materials used in the unit must also be compared. Which is safest for the kids and most convenient to parents? Wooden swing sets are easier to repair and are resistant to rotting.

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