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Wetterling Axes are Safe to Use by Novices and Experienced Wood Workers - Providence, RI

20 July 2015      

Wetterling axes in Providence, RI are made with durability and longevity in mind. The Wetterling axes are available in a wide array of head and handle choices so you will have the right tool for every job which makes all the difference in terms of output.

Both the head and the handle contribute to how an axe penetrates with- or across- the grain of the wood. The metal blade of Wetterling axes are hand forged from Swedish Carbon specially alloyed steel. In addition to offering a solid hold even in slippery conditions, the handles of the Wetterling axes also come in a variety of lengths that can be combined with any of the available head types. The wood and metal wedge adhere together providing you with ease in handling and use of the axes.

Wetterling axes are intended but not limited to splitting logs, pruning trees, and shaping wood. Aside from gathering and splitting firewood more effectively, these axes may also be very helpful in yard work. They are strategically designed to be safe to use whether you are an inexperienced woodcutter or a professional lumbermen.

To find out more about the Wetterling axe that best fits your needs, visit The Fireplace Showcase.

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