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Why Choose Inserts for Fireplaces? - Seekonk, MA

19 September 2016      

Voyageur Wood Insert

There are various choices when it comes to inserts for fireplace. But why exactly do we need them?

The fun of watching a crackling fire in an open fireplace during a cold winter night can be discounted when you learn about fireplace inefficiency. Most fireplaces take huge amounts of heated air from the house and send it straight out the chimney through the process of convection. This results in very inefficient home heating resulting in higher home heating expenses during the winter. Fireplace inserts are an ideal solution to this problem.

Fireplace inserts in Seekonk, MA are designed to turn fireplaces into safer and more effective wood stoves. Each insert is strategically and creatively custom-designed to perfectly seal the opening of the fireplaces. The firebox helps the fire burn hotter for more heat and the insert has an easy to use, sealed door with a large viewing window so you can easily view the beautiful fire while the built-in fan blows hot air into your living space, not up the chimney. The fireplace insert also allows you to control the intensity of the fire to maximize the fuel.

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