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Why Eastern Jungle Gym Wooden Swingsets - MA

9 May 2013       Bookmark and Share

Just in time for summer, you can add an Eastern Jungle Gym wooden swingset to your backyard and provide a summer of vacations for your kids. If you are considering buying a wooden swingset, only Easter Jungle Gym will do. Why?

  • All construction is 100% Cedar. Because cedar is naturally resistant to rot and insect damage, no chemical treatment is necessary to preserve the wood. Unlike Pine or other woods.
  • All wood is sanded, and edges and corners are rounded. Each piece is then factory stained before installation. This ensures a safe and long lasting finish.
  • Huge 4”x4” and 4”x 6” constructions, plus our patent pending steel bracket system, means you never rely on any single bolt or fastener alone. All load bearing points are double supported.
  • Heavy Duty Slides - Sturdy wave slides with high side rails, and scoop slides with double wall construction.
  • We use through bolted commercial grade swing hangers. Each hanger is mounted with 2 bolts for the safest and strongest installation.
  • Ladder rungs are made of steel—unmatched in strength and safety, with protective coating. Wood ladders are made with extra wide steps and double 2x4 contruction.
  • We use only lag bolt and wood screw fasteners – never nails or staples! Lag bolts do not need re-tightening so there’s no need for annual maintenance or service.
  • Recessed hardware means that all bolts are countersunk for a safe and aesthetically pleasing look. No caps! Exposed bolts can create a hazard for loose clothing to catch on.
  • Straight coil swing chain is heated, primed , and plastisol-coated for a safe, smooth grip.

For more information on wooden swing sets and jungle gyms, contact the Fireplace Showcase, where installation is now only $199.

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