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Why More Homeowners are Turning to Pellet Stove Inserts - Cumberland, RI

9 December 2016      

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The efficiency of pellet stove inserts for heat is unmatched. This is the why more homeowners are turning to pellet stove inserts for heat at home during the winter.

When homeowners use pellet stove inserts in Cumberland, RI, it can turn the existing fireplace into a more efficient heating source. The efficiency of pellet insert is often even 90% which actually far outperforms the performance of a traditional open fireplace. After seeing how efficiently, effectively, and beautifully pellet stove inserts enhance a fireplace, pellet stove inserts are becoming increasingly more popular.

Pellet stove inserts can be an effective and attractive heating option. These inserts use renewable and CO2-neutral fuel. Pellet stove inserts are efficient burning units that leave a very low ash content making cleaning less frequent than when burning wood. In addition to being environmentally friendly, pellet stove inserts are also user-friendly.

The ease of use of pellet stove inserts can also be found in refueling. Pellets are bagged so it is not difficult to carry them. They are also fairly inexpensive and can be ordered by the ton or purchased by the bag. There is far less mess than when burning wood.

To find out more about the advantages of pellet stove inserts, contact The Fireplace Showcase.

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