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Why Swap Your Natural Wood Fireplace Out For Gas

16 October 2019      

Soon we’ll turn the heat on inside and that includes enjoying the calming warmth of our fireplaces. Most will agree that there are plenty of non-calming issues regarding natural wood fireplaces. We need to source the wood, prepare the wood, stack it, and continually feed and stoke the natural wood fire. Gas fireplaces require none of that.

You can easily replace your traditional wood-burning fireplace with a more efficient gas fireplace that offers zero compromise on ambiance. Add eliminating chimney sweeps to the list of advantages listed previously. There are many stunningly effective brands and models of gas fireplaces and we can help you sort through them all to find the best value for your taste and budget. You’ll love being introduced to the litany of gas fireplace features that include:

  • An extensive selection, available in an array of sizes to suit various design and architecture needs.
  • State of the art media for the interior of the fireplace, ranging from ceramic stones to log sets.
  • Modern frame-less gas fireplaces with clean lines and seamless designs in over 60 models
  • Corner view fireplaces that offer flexible architectural design solutions.
  • Three-sided fireplaces with stunning architectural elements that can be enjoyed from multiple angles in a space.
  • Space saver fireplaces offer a unique way to separate spaces using visually stunning fire features with a view that is captivating from any angle.
  • Control your fireplace from a smartphone app.

Let us help you design the fireplace of your dreams well within your budget. For more tips on gas fireplace considerations, contact Fireplace Showcase.

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