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Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts and Stoves Keep You Warm With No Power - Seekonk, MA

21 November 2013      

The weather is getting colder. Winter storms are on the way. Did you have heat last year when the power went out? If not, consider heating with wood. Wood heat is a great way to heat your home, supplement your home heating, or add efficiency to your open fireplace. But one of the best benefits, wood burning stoves and fireplace inserts provide heat even when you have no power. A big plus for those with kids, older adults at home, or for those who just want to be warm!

Today, wood burning stoves and fireplace inserts have better technology than they had in the past. This makes them more efficient, they burn longer and cleaner.  If you want the cleanest, most efficient wood burning stoves and inserts to keep you warm all winter long even in a power outage, today’s technology can do that.

Wood Burning fireplace inserts and stoves use fireboxes that allow fires to burn hotter and longer. This means they are more efficient than older models and certainly more efficient than an open hearth. In fact, an open heart will draw the warm air from your home out your chimney. When the power goes out  you can use a wood stove or insert to heat your home while you burn a long day fire or burn a fire overnight.

Every home is vulnerable to power outages during winter storms. But with a wood fireplace insert or wood burning stove you can rely on comfort and heat when you need it most, even when you have no power. Rest assured that you can enjoy a cozy, warm home when the power is out!

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