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Wood Pellet Stoves are a Cost-effective, Energy-Efficient, and Environmentally Friendly Alternative Heating Technology – Providence, RI

19 December 2014      

An alternative way to heat your home is with the use of pellets instead of gas, oil, or other fossil fuels. Wood pellets are made out of recycled and compressed sawdust, bark, wood chips, and other agricultural waste and organic byproduct that normally end up in a landfill. By turning this organic material into wood pellets, waste in the environment is being reduced while you reap the benefit from the heat that these wood pellets produce.

Wood pellet stoves in Providence, RI rank high in combustion and heating efficiency, generating heat without compromising comfort and convenience. The heating qualities of pellet stoves may be underestimated by some, but their compact size makes them very convenient to operate while providing enough heat to keep you warm all winter.

Using pellet stoves for heat can decrease your energy bills and make your home heating more efficient, all while helping the environment. Pellet stoves are environmentally friendly because they are the cleanest among solid fuel-burning residential heating appliances available in Providence. This is why they are considered a more cost-effective and energy-efficient means of keeping your home warm in the winter.

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