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Wood Stove Popularity on the Rise: Check Out the Parlour T-4000

10 November 2021      

There are stark warnings that home heating fuel expenses are going through the roof (literally and figuratively) this winter. The demand for traditional fossil fuels is projected to FAR exceed supply. And you know what that means, skyrocketing energy costs. This concern is driving significantly high interest in wood-burning home heating solutions. Well, we’ve got a beauty for you to consider here today. Let’s look into the Thelin's Parlour T-4000 wood stove.

The Parlour T-4000 is one of the most remarkable wood heaters on the market today. Preserving the classic Parlour “Pot Belly” style in a cutting edge modern design, this clean burning wood stove surpasses the EPA 2020 emission standards at 1.8 grams per hour. The technology used to create this clean burning stove does not require a catalytic combustor. Using a vertical firebox and secondary combustion technology provides for low emissions output and overnight burns. With convenience, durability and vintage styling in mind, this unique stove will add a touch of elegance to any room in your home.


  • Easy to use ash pan that is removable from either side of the stove
  • Firebox that holds several pieces of 16″ long wood or densified logs
  • Burns all night on seasoned hardwood in the secondary burn mode

This wood heating appliance is available at the Fireplace Showcase. Contact us today to learn more about this product.

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