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Wood Stoves and Inserts: Constant Heat Even Without Electricity

24 February 2021       Bookmark and Share

The Fireplace Showcase - Wood Burning Stove

Winter power outages across New England are a staple of living here. Power loss during the winter is not only inconvenient, but it can also be dangerous and deadly. Electrical failure can mean no heat for days and longer. Ensuring that you have an alternative heat source to your electrical heating system is a practical must. Such alternatives include wood burning stoves and wood fireplace inserts.

Consider the multiple advantages of wood burning heat sources beyond the aforementioned safety concerns. Wood burning heat sources:

  • Lowers your heating bills
  • increases your home's value and provides you with a large return on investment
  • improves the ambiance of your living space
  • makes your fireplace more efficient
  • provides heat even without electricity

Call or stop by to discuss how wood stove options here in Seekonk or wood burning fireplace inserts can add quality of life for you and your family. Contact The Fireplace Showcase today!

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