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Your New Grill Ready for Pickup Before Father’s Day (June 19)

31 May 2022      

The Fireplace Showcase - New Grill

Put a bow on it! Father's Day is fast approaching. And if you are looking for the perfect gift, we’ve got it. Floor the old man with a new grill. Now, you need not feel bad that you will be the direct benefactor of this home improvement purchase as he takes his grilling to a new level. So, take a spin through our outdoor grill webpage and know that we stand by to answer questions and demo a host of grills that will change the way you dine outdoors.

Have you been watching him fight the old grill’s flame ups? Even if you haven’t, flame ups are causing that unwanted char on your grilled items. What about grill space? Are you finding that there just isn’t enough space to get everything grilled at the same time? How bad is the old grill rusted? All of these reasons, if they apply to you, are perfect reasons to treat him to a new grill.

Make sure your dad, husband, father, or brother enjoys the high-quality outdoor grilling experience that he deserves. Whether you are looking for a gas, charcoal or a portable grill, contact The Fireplace Showcase. Oh, and Happy Father’s day in advance!

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