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Hearthstone Patio Oven - Patio Oven 3.2

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Perfect for pizza night with the family. You can also roast a chicken, bake some bread, or grill some veggies and enjoy your dinner on the patio.


  • Ready in 20 minutes
    The stainless steel baffle and a thick layer of ceramic fiber insulation retain the heat in the oven. Simply start the fire and you’ll be cooking in about 20 minutes.

  • Cook in compact spaces
    The cooking shelf in front of the oven door gives you space to organize and check the progress of your meal.

  • Ideal cooking surface
    Our ovens use multiple layers of Italian made fire bricks to form the floor of the oven. These bricks are essential for crispy pizza or crusty loaves of bread.


Finish: Stainless Steel & Copper Powder Coat
Fuel: Wood
Heat Up Time: 20 min
Oven Capacity: 3.2
Oven Temp: Up to 750 °F
Weight Counter Top: 220 lbs
Weight Freestanding: 374 lbs

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