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Thelin Pellet Stove - Gnome

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The Gnome Pellet Stove is designed for small space heating and is a perfect addition to your cabin, cottage, studio, or Tiny-House. Traditional Pot-Belly Style is the company hallmark while incorporating advanced Technologies. With 25 years and thousands of units operating the Gnome Pellet has benefited from continuous design improvements. The original DC Drive-Battery Back Up stove provides a high 27,000 btu burn rate and lower overall operating costs. The Gnome Pellet is equipped with 12 volt battery backup circuitry including battery trickle charge capability. When your power goes out, you can rest assured that the Gnome will keep going. Environmentally conscious with a Ultra Low EPA emissions output of only 1.2 grams per hour the Gnome takes first place. With convenience, durability and vintage styling in mind, this unique stove will add a touch of elegance to your home.


  • Your choice of six porcelain enamel colors, or charcoal or black matte finishes
  • Push-button controls
  • Cast-iron fire pot
  • Automatic fuel feed
  • Automatic electronic ignition
  • 12 volt battery backup system with trickle charge
  • Ultra Low EPA Emissions


Height: 34″
Weight: 129 lbs
Diameter: 19.25″
Door opening: 8″ x 10″
Exhaust vent: 3″
Exhaust to floor o.c: 11.25″
Hopper Capacity: 26 lbs
Footprint: 18.5″ square
Feed Rate (high): 3.7 lbs/hr
Feed Rate (low): 1 lb/hr
Combustion Efficiency: 94%
BTU: 27,000
Average LHV Efficiency: 63.3%
EPA Emission Rated: 1.217 Grams/Hr.
Power consumption: 27 watts

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