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Thelin Pellet Insert - Providence

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The Providence Pellet Fireplace and Fireplace Insert is the most versatile pellet heater offered. Awarded the prestigious Vesta Award for design and innovation, Providence's multiple installation options include a true zero clearance fireplace or as an insert in existing fireplaces. Utilizing our proprietary DC Drive technology, the Providence provides maximum heat with an environmentally small foot print. Power outages that stop other pellet stoves cold are no problem for the Providence with built in battery back up. Consider adding solar and larger battery for "Off-Grid" operation.


  • Quick disconnect flue
  • Dual Vacuum Ports for easy cleaning
  • Vacuum assist clean function
  • Mirrored Glass
  • Innovative air wash system
  • Leveling screws and rollers
  • Low power usage for solar and off-the-grid applications
  • Built in battery trickle charger
  • Auxiliary battery receptacles
  • Automatic electronic ignition
  • Cast iron Venturi burn pot
  • Large ash pan
  • DC power technology


Weight: 200 lbs
Hopper Capacity: Adjustable at 26″ = 52 lbs., 22″ = 38 lbs.
Feed Rate (high): 5.26 lbs/hr (45,800 BTU)
Feed Rate (low): 1.80 lbs/hr (approx.)
Combustion Efficiency: 96%
Average HHV Efficiency: 64.0%
EPA 2020 Emission Rated: 1.08 Grams/Hr.
Power consumption: 28 watts

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