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Wood Stove Steamers -- Superb Humidifiers And Source For Aromatherapy

22 September 2010      

With winter comes that familiar dry New England air.  Indoor air quality suffers with the house buttoned down tight.  For the health of both your family and delicate wood, think now about how you will keep your home humidified.  Introducing one of THE most practical fireplace accessories on the market today, Wood Stovetop Steamers.

The Fireplace Showcase steamers come in many shapes and sizes; teapots, animals and other shapes. They are also quite easy to use as you simply fill with water and place on the stove. Some people may not like the smell of burning wood.  In that case, simply add potpourri or your choice of spice to the water. Once the steam begins releasing into your home, it will release the sweet smell of fragrance as well.

In some cases, a wood stove steamer is not suitable for heating drinking water. If your intention is to purchase this type of steamer for making tea or other similar reasons, be sure to read the instructions before purchasing.

One of the most notable ideas behind purchasing a wood stove steamer is the decorative value it can add to your kitchen. Due to their wondrous shape and quality, just leave these beauties on the stove for all to see. If you wish to add decor to your kitchen, need that extra humidity for your home or simply wish to entertain guests over a cup of warm tea; a wood stove steamer is what you are looking for. 

Of course, The Fireplace Showcase offers a full range of fireplace accessories to include fireplace glass doors, facing doors, chimney caps, and fireplace wall cabinets.

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