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The Green Egg Grill Has NOT Been Around for 3000 Years, But Its Cousin Has

8 July 2020      

The Fireplace Showcase, Big Green Egg Grill

A keystone of Middletown and Newport RI backyard cookouts is the Big Green Egg barbecue grill. It is perfect for amateur and master chefs alike, both of whom are serious about the caliber of their cooked meat. Based on ancient design precepts, the cooker combines dense ceramic walls with a build similar to that of an egg to hold in heat and reduce charcoal use. A single 20 pound bag of charcoal can fuel your Big Green Egg for four to six months.

The modern and updated version is actually based on a 3,000 year old Nipponese cooker called the Mushikamado. When an American airline pilot brought the traditional engineering back to the United States, he dubbed it the Kamado. In 1974, BGE began producing outdoor barbecues based on the Kamado's design principle and ceramic structure. The Big Green Egg combines grilling, barbecuing, and smoking powers for any kind of meat, fish, or veggies. Mufflers allow for precise control of the temperature from 50 degrees to 750 degrees. Smoking occurs at low temperatures between 150 and 250 degrees, whereas barbecuing commonly is executed at much hotter temperatures.

Many barbecue lovers claim the grill produces juicier, more tender meat since the ceramic exterior holds in moisture better than metal grills. Like other grills, the Egg comes with a variety of grill sizes, from 13 inches in grill diameter to 24 inches in grill diameter. The cooker is designed to allow for easy lighting even with strong winds, as well as easy charcoal replenishment and removal.

For more information regarding the Big Green Egg Grill orour fantastic line of Green Egg Accessories here in Middletown and Newport, contact The Fireplace Showcase.

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