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Wood Burning Stoves: The Less Expensive Way to Heat Your Home this Winter

14 October 2022      

Blaze King catalytic wood stoves burn clean, and can maintain a constant comfortable temperature. The main feature of a Blaze King catalytic wood stove, that makes it superior to others, is its combustor.

Blaze King catalytic wood stoves are four times more fuel efficient than other leading brands. Our bimetal coil thermostat keeps the temperature nice and even. Blaze King manufactures the top 2 most efficient wood stoves in North America. The King being #1 at 88% LHV an 82% EPA Listed Efficiency and #2 is the Princess at 88% LHV and an 81% EPA Listed Efficiency.

For more information about Blaze King Wood Burning Stoves, contact The Fireplace Shop at Seekonk, MA.

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